Lalitpur Yellow

Lalitpur Yellow Sandstone is also known as L Yellow Sandstone or Sun Yellow Sandstone and is used especially in exterior cladding in sea shore buildings due to acid & thermal resistant properties. The saline winds have negligible effect on Lalitpur Yellow Stone (Lalitpur Sandstone). Also due to a very subtle color it finds extensive popularity in the European region for large landscaping projects as well. The material is frost resistant and the color has little variation from Yellow to light Brown color. On request we can pack the material with foam around the crates so that the stone does not touch the crates.


Tiles: (30×30)cm || (90×90)cm, Slabs: (60-90)cm × (100-250)cm


Up to 5 cm



Outdoor, Indoor


Bushhammered, Honed, Sawn, Natural